SMS for Restaurants & Wait Staff

Organize wait staff shifts with this efficient messaging app

Run a Restaurant, Cafe or Bar that needs text messaging to fill restaurant hours?

Are you an employer that wants to boost your team collaboration and transparency?

Do you need a communication app that you can control?
Are you on the lookout for an efficient communication app that ensures your message is seen & heard?
Do you need an app that can keep your communication secured?
Do you want to improve productivity and communication at your restaurant?

QuickText is a mobile app created to keep team members connected. As an employer, you are given unlimited access to chat with your team members anytime and any day. With the help of this Efficient and reliable app, you can now easily collaborate and boost your team’s morale, motivating them to serve customers even better.

The best of it all is that your team members do not need to download the app on their phones, they simply receive and respond to the message you sent with the QuickText app via text message.

  • QuickText allows managers to send crew members ne-on-one messages easily at any time.
  • QuickText helps improve your team’s accountability & engagement by empowering your team to get their work done.
  • QuickText ensures each message is seen and read.

Are you ready to engage and work more closely with your team?