SMS from Google Sheets

If you are looking for an easy way to send and receive SMS messages from Google Sheets for free, then head to the Google Workspace Marketplace and try QuickText Simple SMS. All you need is a list of names, team phone numbers, and your phone number.

We purchase a lot of different work and sports team software to manager rosters, payment collections, and schedules. But what if all you need is a simple easy solution that will send text-based SMS messages to the list of users you are tracking on a Google Sheet? The answer is QuickText. Follow this tutorial and you will be sending your first message within minutes.

Best of all, your users will never need to download an app or remember the password they set at the end of last season. All of your communication will be through Google Sheets and your teammates phone. Brilliant!

To install the QuickText add-on, head to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for “Google Sheets SMS”. You will see a list of add-ons. Select Quick Text.

Install it, following the directions that Google provides.

Once it’s installed, open any Google Sheet that includes your user’s names and phone numbers. QuickText will let you configure if your names are in one column or two in a later step. You are almost finished.

Next, select Configure from the Add-ons menu. A dialog will open and help you configure the names and phone numbers to send your first batch of messages.

QuickText will ask you to create a team name, this will be how you identify your team when you use the app later.

Once you named your team, you must link your phone number and you are ready to send your first broadcast message.

Next, approve the summary page and your first message has been sent to your newly configured team.

Once you have sent your new message, you can come back to this team and message them again, or, you can jump into QuickText where you can view team members responses and continue the dialog. Enjoy!