Stay Connected With Your Team

QuickText is perfect for sports teams, construction crews, project teams, church groups, or any other “team” that needs to communicate.

Fast adoption: QuickText is designed “app-less”. For team members, there are no new logins, no new passwords, no new account creation, no app to download and install.

Easily query team members on the QuickText messaging platform. Team members reply with text messages (SMS) and the manager receives the messages privately curated inside the app.

What is QuickText?

QuickText is a mobile app created to keep teams connected. Managers and coaches use the app to easily send SMS messages to all their team members. Once team members reply the manager will receive all messages curated inside the app.

For team members though, who are the team employees or athletes, QuickText uses an app-less design. Members simply receive and respond to messages from their team via text message. Members do not need to download QuickText on their phones.

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QuickText Integrations

QuickText is also available on the following platforms.

Google Sheets Add-On: QuickText Simple SMS

Micrsoft Excel Add-In: QuickText Simple SMS


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